Howard Street Gym

Welcome to the Howard Street Boxing Club.

Howard Street Boxing Club is an old club with a new name and location. This new non-profit 501(C)(3) club was created in 2006. The members of Howard Street were formerly members of Spokane Eagles Aerie #2, which had been in existence since the early 1960's. We lost our facility at the Eagles in 2005 due to structure of a new building. Tom & JoAnn Keefe of Kauffman & Associates have provided our new accommodations. Tom and JoAnn's son, Kevin, boxed for the Eagles and won the National Native American Amateur Title in 2004 at 125lbs. He also, had a match bout with the 132lb Champion at that time and emerged victorius. Luke Wynecoop, a former Eagle, also won the Native American Championship at 114lbs that year.

The Eagles consistently created National Champions. Founded by the late Tom LeFebvre. Proteges, Dan Vassar and Paul Keller, are currently coaches at Howard Street. Other member coaches are Ray Kerwick, Rowdy Welch and Sherman Vassar. Paul and Rowdy were former boxers for the Eagles. Ray's son Mahlon, Dan's sons Dan JR & Frank and Rowdy Welch were multiple national champions who also represented our country in International boxing competitions.

At 132lbs, Ray's son Mahlon was Army and Armed Forces Champion in 2002, an alternate Olympian in 2000, US Challenge and US Olympic Cup Champion in 1999 who has in the past and still represents the United States on International boxing competitions. Mahlon is currently a member of the Army's National Amateur Boxing Team at 152lbs.

Dan JR was 2 time Outstanding Boxer in the JR National Olympics at 90 & 100lbs in 1981-1982. In 1984 at the age of 17 he won the National Title for under 19 yrs at 125lbs. He was ranked number 1 in the United States at 125lbs and number 10 in the world amateur ranks for all ages when he won the under 19 title. Had it not been for a car accident in 1984 many people who seen him box believe he would have eventually been a professional world title holder. Many of the amateur peers he defeated, won world titles or were world ranked. Johny Tapia, who was a professional world titleholder for 8 Years at 119lbs, was soundly defeated (receiving 2 eight counts) by Dan JR in the 1981 finals of the JR Olympics.

Frank was also voted outstanding boxer when he won the JR Olympic title at 100lbs in 1985 when 15 years of age. In 1990, he won the National Golden Gloves title at 165lbs in Miami Florida. Frank, later achieved a National Championship Title in the professional ranks at 178lbs in 1997.

Rowdy had almost 400 amateur bouts, winning most of them. He won the Western Olympic Trials in 1984, National Tile in 1982 and The Ohio State Fair (largest tournament in the nation in 1980). He was highly rated in the world title ranks when he turned professional.

Between Mahlon, Dan JR, Frank and Rowdy, they have had more than 1,100 amateur boxing matches, winning approximately 93% of those matches. These four outstanding amateur boxers, of which there are 19 other National Champions, have been taught by Dan SR, current head coach of the Howard Street BC.